Will of John G Spieth – written 29 Apr 1882, probated 30 Jun 1896.










Last Will and Testament

OF John G Spieth_____


}Application for the Probate of the Last Will and Testament of
} John G Spieth____________________


To the HON. J. V. CUFF, Judge of the Probate Court in and for said County:

Your petitioner would respectfully represent that John G Spieth
a resident of the Township of Pleasant in said County, died on
or about the 8th day of January A. D., 1896 , leaving an
instrument in writing hereto attached, purporting to be his last WILL AND TESTAMENT. That the
said John G Spieth died leaving
Christina Spieth, his widow and the following named
persons his only next of kin resident of the State of Ohio:


Age of Minors



Daniel W. Spieth  


New Bavaria, Ohio
John G Spieth  


Athens, Alabama
Charles Spieth  


New Bavaria, Ohio
Magdalene Spieth  


Harbert, Michigan
Mary Schwab  


New Bavaria, Ohio
Rachel Daum  


Napoleon, Ohio
Johanna Telliga  


Defiance, Ohio
Sarah Oakes  


Emma Huth  


Spencerville, Allen Co., Ohio
William Koeing  


Cleveland, Ohio
Ida Schwab  

Grand Daughter

New Bavaria, Ohio

Your petitioner prays that a time may be fixed for the proving of said will, and that said
above named persons may be notified according to law of the pending of said proceedings.
Daniel W Spieth

The foregoing application was signed in my presence and sworn to before me this 30th
day of June A. D., 1896.

John V. Cuff Probate Judge.

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Will of John G Spieth


In the name of the Benevolent father of all;
I. John G Spieth, of Henry County, Ohio, do
make and publish this my last will and testament.

Item 1st. I give and devise to my son Daniel
W. Spieth, the farm on which I now reside,
situated in Pleasant Township, Henry County, Ohio,
and described as being in the West half of the North
East quarter of section number sixteen (16), Town-
ship number Three (3) North, Range number six (6)
East, containing eighty acres of land more or less,
providing that my said son Daniel W Spieth
pay within six (6) months after my death to each
one of my children the following sums of money
to wit: To my sons John G Spieth and Charles
Spieth each the sum of Three hundred and
seventy Dollars ($370.00), to my daughters, Mag-
dalena Spieth, Mary Schwab, Rachel Daum,
Johanna Telliga, Sarah Oakes and Emma
Spieth, each, the sum of Two hundred and
seventy Dollars ($270).00), to my grandchildren,
William Koeing, child of Christina Koeing, and
Ida, child of my daughter Barbara, each the
sum of One hundred and thirty five Dollars
($135.00) when they respectively arrive at the age of
twenty one years, but should either said William
or Barbara die before arriving at the age of
twenty one years, then said share shall be divided
among and paid by my said son Daniel W to
the rest of my said children or their heirs, in equal

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proportions. My said son Daniel W. Spieth
shall give to my wife Christina Spieth, should she
survive me, during her natural life, the one-
third (1/3) of all the proceeds and profits of said
farm, the use of the dwelling home and garden
on said farm and of ten (10) acres of wood land
for firewood during her natural life, and also the
privilege of keeping on said farm during her natural
life one (1) cow, two (2) calves, four (4) hogs, and
twenty five (25) chickens, and said Daniel W.
shall during the life of my said wife haul for her
all the firewood and all the grain and crops to

Item 2nd. I give and bequeath to my wife Chris-
tina Spieth, all my household goods, cattle,
sheep, hogs, and all other personal property of
which I may die possessing, and after her death
all of said personal property remaining and
undisposed of by her, shall be sold and the
proceeds divided equally among my children
then living or their heirs if dead.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand
and seal this 29th day of April, A. D. 1882

Johann G Spieth (seal)

Signed and acknowledged by said John G Spieth as his
last will and testament in our presence, and signed by us in
his presence and at his request.
Samuel Facey
Martin Knapp

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