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Some photos from Neudorf, home of the Trogers before they came to America. They were taken by  Lewis Snyder on a visit to Germany in 1985.

nudrf03.jpg (23467 bytes)
Picture of a picture of the farmstead as it appeared about 1961. The long building (left-foreground) is the house, which has been rebuilt several times. It is constructed of fieldstone and originally had a thatched roof. The family lived in the near end and livestock was originally kept in the far end. That part is now used for storage. The building across the front, at near right angles to the house, is a garage and storage building. Continuing on around, the building to the right, parallel with the house, is a dairy building housing 85 head of milk cows kept in confinement. The building on the back side of the square is a machine shed. The buildings in the rear are not part of this farmstead. Apparently they belonged to the Mehringer family who owned one-half the farm, the Troegers owning the other half. When the Troegers emigrated, they sold their half to the Mehringers. (nudrf03)


nudrf02.jpg (42088 bytes)
View of the house that was getting a new coat of stucco at the time. Note the elaborate pigeon house in the foreground. (nudrf02)


nudrf04.jpg (49917 bytes)
A stone watering trough in the barnyard. Carved on it is ‘G N T 1833’. (nudrf04)


nudrf01.jpg (25350 bytes)
Current owner of the farmstead, Werner Mehringer, standing in front of door showing some of his dairy awards. (nudrf01)

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