Hofrichter Family History

Georg Adam Hofrichter was born on 11 Aug 1780 at Daisbach in Baden, Germany to Johannes and Anna Catharina (Roessler) Hofrichter. On 17 Jul 1803 he married Julianna Magdalena Horn at Daisbach. She was born on 5 Aug 1781 at Daisbach to Johann Michael and Maria Eva (Salzgeber) Horn. The Hofrichters had nine children: Johann Heinrich, Eva Charlotte, Margarethe, Magdalena Catharine, Johann Wilhelm, Maria Charlotte, a 2nd Johann Heinrich, Wilhelmina and Johannes. Only four survived childhood: Margarethe (b. 8 Sep 1807), Johann Wilhelm ‘William’ (b. 14 May 1812), Wilhelmina (b. 14 Aug 1819) and Johannes ‘John’ (b. 14 Aug 1821).

In 1834 the family emigrated to America and settled in Cleveland, Ohio. On 15 Mar 1837 George Hofrichter purchased 160 acres of land in Henry County, Ohio from the US government land office. The land was described as being the northwest quarter of section 17 in township 3 north, range 6 east of 1st principal meridian. This is in the present Pleasant township of Henry County, Ohio. (On the same day, George Neher and George Dirr purchased 200 acres in the same section adjacent to Hofrichter. They also had been living in Cleveland.) The Hofrichter family along with the families of Sauer and Lesh moved to this land. The land was heavily forested so they had to clear it before they could begin farming. The Wabash and Erie canal was constructed between 1837 and 1842. The men worked on this canal project to obtain an income while they were clearing the land.

One day Julia Hofrichter and her four year-old grandson, William Sauer, were picking up hickory nuts in the woods. William became tired so Julia sent him home, saying that she would be along in a little while. When she didn’t come home, her family and neighbors searched for her but she was never found. This incident probably happened during the fall-winter season of 1841-42. George Hofrichter probably died within a few years after that.

On 9 Feb 1839, George and Julia Hofrichter sold 40 acres of their land each to William Hofrichter, Henry Sauer and Fred Lesh.The remaining 40 acres was sold to John Hofrichter at the time he married in 1842. (This deed did not mention Julia Hofrichter so her disappearance probably occurred before this date.)

The four Hofrichter children:

  • I) Margaret married Frederick Loesh or Lesh on 6 Apr 1836 at Cuyahoga county, Ohio. Frederick was born about 1811 and died between 1860 and 1870. Margaret died on 13 Apr 1892. They had five children:
  • a) John (b. about 1837);

    b) George Adam (28 Oct 1839-25 Sep 1877) married Elizabeth Margaret Young; their children were:

    Elizabeth Margaret (18 Jun 1861-7 Nov 1950) married 1) William G Spieth and 2) Christian S Deckrosh;
    Emma G (19 Sep 1864-3 Mar 1866);
    Annie (about 1867-__);
    Magdalena (about 1869-22 May 1936) married John Jacob Mueller/Miller;
    Clara C (24 Mar 1872-__);
    Katherine (Apr 1873-__) married Charles Spieth;
    Frederick W (27 Mar 1875-1940) married Minnie Mae Nora Wahl;
    and George A (May 1878-__) married 1) Mable and 2) Emma Phoebe Schatz.

    c) Andrew (Dec 1842-2 Oct 1926) married Sophia Hoffman; their children were:

    Frederick Charles (5 Mar 1863-26 Apr 1917) married Ada Isabel Platter;
    Andrew William (Apr 1865-24 Apr 1937) married Jennie;
    and Clara Sophia L (10 Jul 1869-Feb 1913) married Charles E Tuttle.

    d) Elizabeth (b. about 1845);

    e) and Margred (28 Mar 1848-7 Dec 1851).

    Another son, Henry (b. about 1833), was born to Frederick during a previous marriage in Germany.

  • II) Wilhelmina married Henry Sauer on 10 May 1835 at Cuyahoga county, Ohio. They had fifteen children, eleven of whom survived childhood. All the children were born in Henry County, Ohio. Henry Sauer, born 10 Sep 1812 at Cassel in Germany, died 26 Jul 1886. Wilhelmina died on 12 May 1907. Their children were:
  • a) William (May 1838-12 Jul 1935) married Sophie Eliza Beiderwill; their children were:

    Wilhelmina (20 Mar 1865-3 Mar 1903) married John Jacob Geiger;
    Anna Maria (26 Dec 1866-7 Sep 1946) married Jacob J Engel;
    Henry J (May 1869-31 May 1919) married Elizabeth;
    George J (21 Jul 1871-Apr 1963) married Eliza L Wolfrum;
    Julia A (5 Jun 1873-1961) married Henry J 'Herman' Steinmaier;
    Elizabeth (6 Mar 1875-28 Jan 1940) married Bernard Steinmaier;
    William D (16 Oct 1877-20 Sep 1920);
    Margaret C (7 Aug 1881-9 Apr 1882);
    and Charles N (14 Apr 1883-6 Nov 1894)

    b) Margaret (b. about 1840) married John W ‘Wolf’ Bauer; they had two children. They moved to Sherburne county, Minnesota. Margaret and one of the children died in Minnesota. They other child was brought back to Ohio to live with grandparents Sauer but also died in childhood.

    c) Anna Martha (1 Mar 1843-19 Apr 1921) married Johann George Troeger; their children were:

    Marie Otillie (28 Oct 1860-15 Nov 1938) married Johann Heinrich Greenler;
    Anna Katherine (11 Feb 1862-24 Oct 1931) married Henry William Bohlke;
    Wilhelm Heinrich (17 Sep 1863-25 Dec 1954) married Louise E Schwaderer;
    Ludwig Johann (2 Sep 1865-31 Dec 1943) married Mary L Gross;
    Michael George (13 Jun 1868-6 Feb 1938) married Catherine E Memmer;
    Elizabeth Sophie (14 Sep 1870-25 Feb 1947) married Charles Ludwig Schwaderer;
    and Magdalena Marie (21 Aug 1872-19 Sep 1942) married Lewis Snyder.

    d) Wilhelmina (16 Nov 1844-5 Jan 1919) married Johann Adam Troeger, a brother of Johann George; their children were:

    an infant son (about 1866);
    Anna Margaret (9 Sep 1867-23 Sep 1951);
    Julianna Wilhelmina (8 Oct 1869-3 Sep 1872);
    Ernest Johann Heinrich (25 Feb 1872-6 May 1951) married Caroline Mary Memmer;
    Eliza Sophia (21 Apr 1874-16 Feb 1957) married Henry William Fritz;
    Frank Benjamin (23 Oct 1876-24 Apr 1928) married Clara Caroline Wilhelmine Spieth;
    Andrew George (30 Mar 1879-29 Oct 1964) married Gertrude Max;
    Elias Johann (26 May 1881-19 Oct 1961) married Magdalena M Eberle;
    and Wilhelmina Magdalena (9 Oct 1884-27 Dec 1981) married Peter W Max.

    e) Anna Maria (1847-30 Jun 1925) married Johann Heinrich Foss; they had no children.

    f) Anna Magdalena (1849-1922) married Daniel Stephens; their children were:

    Anna Magdalena (21 Oct 1870-__) married Delbert Keiser;
    Henry (about 1872-__);
    Wilhelmina (10 Jan 1875-1 Nov 1877);
    Sarah (13 Aug 1876-Dec 1877);
    Fred (about 1878-__);
    Elizabeth (d. 1877);
    and Bessie.

    g) Julia W (21 Jun 1851-15 Jan 1913) married Jacob Hornung; their children were:

    Margarette (11 May 1874-__);
    Charles H (Feb 1876-1956) married Emma Jones;
    Margaret W (11 Jun 1877-5 Sep 1878);
    John Henry (about 1879-__);
    Harmon W (12 Jun 1879-1 Apr 1893);
    Walter W (28 Sep 1881-8 Jul 1891);
    Anna G (12 Sep 1883-23 Jul 1891);
    Andrew J (Nov 1885-12 Sep 1935) married Gertrude Fannie Wolf;
    Albert H (1 Mar 1888-Feb 1967);
    William F (31 May 1888-5 Jul 1888);
    Ora C (23 Mar 1890-7 Jan 1950) married Esther M Fenter;
    Edna (1893-1893);
    and Ruth Esther (20 Aug 1896-Jun 1974) married Carl Burdette Franz.

    h) John Henry Jr. (22 Oct 1852-1 Mar 1928) married Louise Pfau; their children were:

    Elizabeth Wilhelmina (18 Mar 1881-4 Dec 1950) married George Scheuerman;
    Lydia Kathren (25 Aug 1882-6 Oct 1973) married Clem Day;
    John Verner (10 Mar 1884-4 Mar 1968);
    Louise Margaret (24 Jan 1886-18 Jun 1969);
    George Adam (31 Jul 1887-16 Aug 1974) married Zelma Bertha Laubenthal;
    Herman John (24 Mar 1889-18 Feb 1968);
    Anna Caroline (25 Nov 1891-18 Feb 1968) married Roy Charles Dirr;
    Cora (18 Oct 1894-7 Apr 1968);
    and Sarah (Oct 1895-__)

    i) Elizabeth (26 Apr 1857-17 Dec 1930) married William August Kehnast; They had no children though she helped raise two step-daughters, Nellie and Minnie, from a previous marriage.

    j) Adam (2 Jun 1858-10 Apr 1882) married Minnie R Steinmaier; after Adam’s death, Minnie remarried to John Schatz.
    their only child was Emma (about 1882-__).

    k) and Andrew (b. 1860) married Alice Sophia Smith. The family moved to Chicago. their children were:

    Henry Richard (26 Aug 1882-29 Apr 1931);
    Frederick H (20 Aug 1883-__);
    Phoebe (27 Dec 1885-Oct 1976) married Walter Proper;
    and Minnie (26 Jun 1890-__) married Scott Hoyt.

  • III) Less is known of the two Hofrichter sons. William married Catharine Snyder on 5 Nov 1838 at Cuyahoga County, Ohio. They settled in Defiance township of (then) Williams Co., Ohio. The 1840 census showed that they had one daughter. In 1842, William sold his land in Henry County. No other record of William Hofrichter has been found.
  • IV) John Hofrichter married Anna Martha Schroeder on 4 Jun 1842 in Williams County, Ohio. They had two daughters: Martha Elizabeth (b. about 1846) and Helen Wilhelmina (b. about 1849). John sold his land in Henry County in 1848. The family moved to Delphos, Allen County, OH where John was a hotel keeper. Daughter Martha married Abraham Height in 1863.
  • John M Troeger, Aug 1999.

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