The Thieroff Family History

Compiled by Carl Thieroff in 1977.

In the spring of 1847, the Thieroff and Troeger families from near Hof, Germany left intending to emigrate to Wisconsin USA. Arriving at Hamburg the Thieroffs were detained on account of one of their children being sick. The Troegers left by sailboat and arrived in New York after a 7 week voyage. They then went by boat to Albany, New York, and from there via the Erie Canal to Buffalo to await the Thieroffs at the home of an acquaintance, a baker by the name of Beyer.

In the meantime, the elder Troeger made a trip to the South Ridge to call on the Greenlers. He decided to settle on the Ridge instead of going to Wisconsin. After returning to Buffalo, he found his oldest daughter wanting to stay in Buffalo and marry one of the Beyer sons.

After some delay in Germany, the Thieroffs embarked for Baltimore, Maryland, a voyage of 9 weeks in which they experienced a shortage of drinking water, it being rationed. They then left for Buffalo in box cars equipped with temporary planks for seats. The Thieroffs also decided to settle on the Ridge. From Toledo they came by canal boat to Independence.

Here John Nicol and Elizabeth (Goller) Thieroff with their stepdaughter Katherine and four sons Michael (my grandfather), John, Peter and Henry lived on what is now owned by Elmer Hoellrich on Section 2, Highland Township. In 1850 he purchased 80 acres in Richland Township, Section 34, and secured a deed signed by President Zachary Taylor. In 1852 another 40 acres was purchased with the deed signed by President Millard Fillmore. John Nicol made two trips on horseback to Sandusky, two days going and two days returning through the wilds of Ohio to purchase the homestead farm (now owned by fourth generation Carl and Elnora).

Elizabeth (Goller) Thieroff died in 1850 and is buried in Ayresville Cemetery. John Nicol is buried in Lutheran Cemetery. He was one of the charter members of St.Stephen Lutheran Church, organized in 1853.

A log house was erected in 1850 and was occupied until 1938. In 1859 Michael bought the homestead. His brothers John, Peter and Henry later acquired farms within two miles from the home farm.

Michael married Anna Troeger and they had five children:

John married Mary Greenler
Henry married Mary Drexler
Anna married John Drexler
Adam married Anna Groll
William married Goldie Hanley

Adam purchased the home farm in 1918. He had two children:

Carl married Elnora Roehrs
Frieda married Elmer Schroeder

John Nicol Thieroff’s mother was a Hohenberger.

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