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Christian Memmer (1849-1918) and Mary Ricker (1853-1945). 1872

Peter Ricker (1841-1917) and Katherine Memmer (1846-1907)

Memmer family: (back) Fred, Henry, Sarah, Sophia, Lizzie, George, Herman; (front) Kate, Mary, Albert (rear), Emma (front), Christian, Cal. c.1905

Memmer family: Sarah, Emma, Albert, Kate, Sophia, Fred, George, Henry, Lizzie; Mary (seated). c.1944

Four generations: Mary Ricker Memmer, Catherine Memmer Troeger, Walter Troeger, John Troeger. 1938.

Four generations: Mary Ricker Memmer, Sophie Memmer Hohenberger, Helen Hohenberger Cox, Virginia Cox.

Memmer reunion - 1930's.

Memmer reunion - 1940's.

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John Memmer family: Clara with Randall in stroller, John, Carl, Gertrude and Louise (Fischer) Memmer. Taken at Youngstown, OH about 1910.
Picture from Carl Memmer


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