Spieth Photos

John Spieth as a young man (from a tintype - early 1870's)

The Spieth children: Ed, Clara, Erb, Karl (seated). At Defiance, OH c.1885.

Clara, Ed, Erb, Karl (standing); John and Catherine Spieth. At Athens, AL c.1895.

Katherine Schatz Spieth (1854-1944)

John G Spieth (1851-1939)

Katherine Schatz Spieth, Anna Schatz Yetter,   Barbara Troeger Bauman

Bertha Yetter, Clara Spieth, Lillie Yetter

Karl, Erb Spieth (back); Frank Daum, Ed Spieth.

Karl and Clara Spieth

John Spieth and grandson, Edwin Spieth.

John Spieth and granddaughters, Hilda, Elisabeth and Selma Troeger.

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