Troeger Photos

The immigrant generation

This is George Nicholas Troeger (1796-1876). He was the patriarch of the family.

John Elias Troeger (1824-1916), the eldest son, was 22 when the family came to America. He farmed in Highland Township, Defiance County, Ohio.He out-lived all of his siblings.
Katharine Kunigunda Troeger (1829-1915) married Henry Beyer (1813-1904) and remained in Buffalo the rest of her life. Henry was a baker.
John George Troeger (1836-1877) and John Adam Troeger (1842-1903). They farmed in Highland Township, Defiance County, Ohio.
Wilhelmina Sauer (1844-1919) married John Adam and Anna Martha Sauer (1843-1921) married John George. The sisters were born in Henry County, Ohio.
Anna Margaret Troeger (1838-1904) married John Michael Thieroff (1836-1918). They lived in Richland Township, Defiance County, Ohio. Mike was a farmer.


Pictures of Margaret Troeger and Adam Schatz and of Katharine Schall and Marie Ottilie Garman have not been found.

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