Troeger Photos

John Elias branch

A four generation picture: Phoebe Bauman Fritsch (standing), John Elias Troeger, Barbara Troeger Bauman, Russell Fritsch.

The individuals were first-born in their families.

George Troeger (1858-1939) Henry Troeger (1862-1921) Chistian Adam Troeger (1865-1929)
Adam John Troeger (1857-1942) and Cheruska Buehring (1865-1962).
Herbert, Alma Lussky, Elise, Emma, Henry Troeger; back: Anna Beyer Lussky, John E, Anna Troeger. 1907.
Henry Troeger's family: Elise, Etta, Henry, Mary, Emma; (front) Clara, Reinhold, Caroline Troeger. c. 1908
Fred Troeger's family: Ivan Larson, Paul McCormick, Pluma, Carl Griffin, Jack McCormick, Max Shaw, Lorna Hayes, Carrie Larson, Howard Hayes; (front) Ella McCormick, Fred Troeger, Esther Wingire, Pauline Shaw. 1966 Fred Troeger's 90th birthday. 1971
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Adam John and Cheruska (Buehring) Troeger's family: seated: Edward, Cheruska and AJ, Walter; standing: Marcella, Louis, Erwin and Matilda. 1936


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