Troeger Photos

John George branch

JG Troeger children: (back) Maggie, William, Michael, Ottilia; (front) Louis, Elizabeth, Katherine. c.1890
JG Troeger family: (back) William, Katherine, Louis, Tillie, Michael; (front) Elizabeth, Anna, Maggie. c.1910
William (1863-1954) and Louise (Schwaderer) Troeger (1880-1934)
Louis (1865-1943) and Mary (Gross) Troeger (1877-1951)
Lewis (1856-1926) and Maggie (Troeger) Snyder (1872-1942)
Tillie (Troeger) Greenler (1860-1938) Henry Greenler (1851-1927)
William (1856-1934) and Katherine (Troeger) Bohlke (1862-1931)
Mike (1868-1938) and Catherine (Memmer) Troeger (1872-1946)
My paternal grandparents.
Cls2.jpg (11991 bytes) Charles (1866-1936) and Elizabeth (Troeger) Schwaderer (1870-1947) with Frieda and Paul.

Charles and Elizabeth (Troeger) Schwaderer picture was provided by Judy Bishop.

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