Troeger Photos

John Adam branch

Ernest Troeger (1872-1951) and Caroline Memmer (1874-1953)

Andrew Troeger (1879-1964) and Gertrude Max (1883-1977)

Frank Troeger (1876-1928) and Clara Spieth (1876-1919)

Eliza Troeger (1874-1957) and Henry Fritz (1862-?)

Minnie Troeger (1884-1981 and Pete Max (1881-1958)

Pete Max, Walter Troeger (with John and Doug), Elias Troeger, Lester Troeger,
Andy Troeger. c.1945
Ruth Max, Selma Troeger, Bernice Troeger, Eliza Fritz, Lester Troeger,
Elisabeth Schroeder, Hilda Schwaderer. c. 1945.
Frank Troeger and co-workers at Buffalo machine shop. c. 1900. Frank is the young man standing in back.

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